Data Engineering


Today’s organizations are presented with unprecedented amounts of data and continue to generate more but often in silos. Our Data Engineering experts help you build infrastructure that aid in collection, transformation and maintenance of data through innovative data pipelines, technologies and platforms.

Palni’s Data Engineering Services help you transform your organizational knowledge, both structured and unstructured into actionable insights that help you make better decisions and achieve your goals.

What we do

We offer data services to help our customers at all the stages of data life cycle from creation of data strategy, data platform engineering and data automation.

Technologies we work with

How we do it

Data Strategy

Our detailed data strategy and roadmap will give you a structured path with recommendations, comments, and activities required for the high-performance enterprise data warehouse. We will develop a scalable plan keeping your current data capability and business objectives in mind. Our strategy and roadmaps will specify the activities and tactics to implement the data architecture.

  • Design roadmaps < 12 weeks
  • We address your business risks & compliance requirements
  • We implement & oversee the tools & infrastructure considering IT resources
  • Establish clear goals & objectives

Data Architecture

Our team of experts will help you build data lake architectures that can enable migration of your data from existing to new databases. We ensure the quality of data and keep your data secure and reliable.

  • Define & optimize data architecture for its purpose
  • Architect & real-time & Batch data Ingestion

Data Management

  • Establish the processes & responsibilities to ensure the quality and security
    of the data
  • Update data governance policies as your business needs change


  • Create interface & mechanisma for the flow of information.
  • Extract the data from various external sources.
  • Construct data pipelines.
  • We analyze entity recognition patterns and extract fields of interest.


We help you manage your entire data migration process, including startegy, planning, design & testing, quickly and seamlessly while ensuring minimal risk and flexibility to the process.

  • Design an effective migration plan from moving the data to cloud understanding
    your business needs.
  • Identify any issues with your source data
  • Draw out the technical architecture of the solution and detailing the migration

Managed Services

  • Performance management.
  • Infrastructure Optimization.
  • Manual and automated testing.

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