At Palni, we believe every transformation begins with a conversation.

Conversational AI Solutions

Voice & chat automation is a paradigm-shifting innovation. Explore how we can help derive use cases all the way through AI-based chatbot implementations.

Cloud Services

Our experts are certified with AWS, Azure and GCP. We help simplify the vastly complex landscape and properly leverage the cloud.

Salesforce Consulting

Engagement with customers and partners are converging. We can reduce the costs of implementing integrated Salesforce clouds while achieving maximum leverage of all that Salesforce has to offer.

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About Palni

Since 2006, Palni has been serving serving clients around the globe.  We are focused on collaboration, industry relevance, innovation and reliability. We specialize in Conversational AI Solutions, Cloud Services and Salesforce Consulting for Supply Chain, Healthcare, Biotech, Manufacturing and Financial Services.

Our Clients