Palni’s ServiceNow offerings are designed to improve efficiency, reduce operational costs and bottlenecks, enhance collaboration and provide unified platform solutions for managing various aspects of an organization’s IT and business operations. Our services can facilitate to tailor the ServiceNow products to meet the specific needs of your business goals.

Our team of certified ServiceNow experts are equipped to leverage the capabilities of ServiceNow out-of-box functionalities to provide integrated and transformative solutions in process optimization and automation aligned with your strategic goals.

Product Offerings

IT Management

Elevate IT service delivery - IT Service Management (ITSM):

Streamline incident, problem, and change management while enhancing user satisfaction through self-service portals and efficient workflows. Gain real-time insights to optimize IT operations and align technology with business needs

Unlock the full potential of your assets - IT Asset Management (ITAM):

Efficiently track, manage, and optimize hardware and software assets, reducing costs and mitigating compliance risks. Gain comprehensive visibility and control over your IT asset inventory to drive informed decisions.

Enhance IT operations - IT Operations Management (ITOM):

Gain real-time visibility into your infrastructure, automate tasks, and proactively prevent disruptions, ensuring high service availability and efficiency. Streamline operations, reduce downtime, and improve overall IT performance.

HR Management

HR Management

Elevate HR service delivery - HR Service Delivery (HRSD):

Streamline HR processes, improve employee experiences, and boost productivity with self-service tools and automated workflows, all on a unified platform. Modernize HR operations and drive employee satisfaction with HRSD.
Asset Management

Maximize strategic outcomes - Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM):

Align projects and investments with organizational goals, assess performance, and make data-driven decisions. Streamline portfolio planning, optimize resource allocation, and achieve your strategic vision with SPM’s comprehensive capabilities.
Work Safety

Prioritize workplace health and safety - Health and Safety:

Ensure employee well-being by managing incidents, conducting safety assessments, and tracking compliance with health and safety regulations. Streamline safety processes, reduce risks, and create a safer work environment with our comprehensive solutions.


Customer Service Management

HR Management

Enhance customer satisfaction - Customer Experience:

 Deliver exceptional service by managing customer interactions, resolving issues, and providing self-service options, all on a unified platform. Elevate customer engagement and loyalty through seamless experiences with Customer Experience solutions.
Asset Management

Transform customer service excellence - Customer Service Management:

Deliver personalized support, resolve issues efficiently, and optimize service operations, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty. Elevate your customer service capabilities with integrated, omnichannel solutions.
Work Safety

Empower your customer service - Virtual Agent:

 Enhance user self-service and automate routine tasks using AI-powered chatbots, providing instant assistance and improving overall customer satisfaction. Transform your customer support operations with intelligent and efficient virtual agents.


Custom Application Development

HR Management

Empower your organization - Custom Applications:

 Build tailored solutions to address unique business needs, leveraging a low-code platform to drive efficiency and innovation. Create custom workflows, automate tasks, and transform your operations with ease.


Asset Management

Empower your teams to build custom workflows and apps - Creator Workflows and Apps:

 Accelerate digital transformation by creating tailored solutions that automate tasks, enhance productivity, and drive innovation. Unleash the potential of your organization with low-code development capabilities.
Work Safety

Achieve operational efficiency - Seamless Integrations:

Connect and unify your business systems, enhancing data flow and collaboration across your organization. Streamline processes, improve productivity, and drive innovation with our robust integration solutions.


HR Management

Enhance productivity and user experience - Workspaces and UI Portals:

Create intuitive, branded interfaces that streamline work processes, improve collaboration, and deliver a personalized, engaging digital environment for your organization. Transform the way your teams work with visually appealing, user-centric workspaces and portals.


Asset Management

Drive mobile productivity - Mobile:

Empower your workforce to access and manage critical business processes, tasks, and information securely on smartphones and tablets, boosting efficiency and responsiveness.
Work Safety

Product Validation - ATF & Upgrades:

Streamline software testing, reduce errors, and accelerate release cycles with our automated testing solutions, ensuring the quality and reliability of your applications with ATF (Automated Test Framework) and  Seamlessly transition to the latest ServiceNow version with our expert guidance and support, unlocking new features and improvements while minimizing disruption to your operations with Upgrade Services.


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