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Salesforce Marketing Automation Services -Connecting Data and Customer Interactions

Integrate your Salesforce org with automation tools, real-time intelligence features and digital campaigns to witness a whole new world of marketing ease.

Campaign management

Leverage a diverse landscape of technologies to easily manage customer interactions throughout the customer life cycle.

Analytics and Reporting

Learn the true impact of your marketing efforts. Take a data-driven decision through interactive dashboards & strong report building.

Multi-channel Marketing

Provide consistent messaging and deliver unified experience across all channels to your customers at all times. with Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

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What’s Included

We provide Salesforce Marketing Cloud implementation services to help you connect with your customers by sending the right message, in the right tone, and deliver a consistent experience across all channels.

Email Campaign
Email Campaigning
Service Analytics
Analytics and Reporting
Mobile marketing
Cross Channel Content
Cross Channel Content
Social Media Marketing
Social media marketing
Social Media Marketing

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At Palni, we are passionate about what we do and we provide best-in-class solutions empowering enterprises to deliver a superior experience for their stakeholders. Over the years, we have been fortunate to work on solutions for small and large enterprises.

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