Org Assessment Reports

From being a CRM application, salesforce has emerged as a platform; a platform which can be customized, configured and developed as required. Setting up and using salesforce needs expertise to ensure stability. In many instances, organizations fail to use the complete potential of salesforce and thus end up using it as a data recording application and not an empowering platform.

Our org assessment report is a snapshot of the health of your salesforce account. It gives an indication on the following factors which our team of experts believe to be the key factors which determine how efficiently salesforce potential is utilized.

  • Schema score - a perfect schema is the one which has no redundant fields and objects and which has correct relationship across objects. Schema score determines the deviation of the organizations schema from the perfect one
  • Triggers and workflows score - while triggers have greater flexibility in terms of modifying data in the background, they can be hazardous too. It is a good practice to write workflow rules wherever possible and avoid triggers. Writing more than one trigger on a single object can result in data inconsistency. Triggers and workflows score determines the proper usage of triggers and workflows
  • User experience score - salesforce lightning is released with an aim to take user experience to the next level. We evaluate the user experience score based on the current usage as against the best possible way to present to users.
  • Sales cloud score - Efficient utilization of sales cloud is evaluated using this factor
  • Service cloud score - Efficient utilization of service cloud is evaluated using this factor
  • Marketing cloud score - Efficient utilization of marketing cloud is evaluated using this factor
  • Licenses score - Salesforce suite is a collection of licenses, combination of which is what organizations typically use. Licenses score determine what is the best license combination for your business

Here is a sample org assessment report.